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Leaving behind the hustle and grind…

Hey there! I’m Chris…

This might be a familiar story. You know? … the one about the burned-out solo business owner?

It was like this for me…

I built a freelancing business by serving clients through email copywriting and list management services.

To start with I chased client work. Then landed retainers. And had some periods of peace… away from the hustle.

But I knew that only doing client work wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Because I was simply trading time for money. And the more time I traded… the more burned out I got.

Plus… every hour working for clients was an hour less working on my own products. So my income was capped by the hours I had in a day.

Something HAD to change.

It’s why I’m now pouring my time into building my own email list.

Where the revenue potential is virtually limited.

I no longer have those “stress out” times when clients disappear for no reason. I don’t waste tons of energy on hustling. And I can take on clients if I want to… or not. (No more burnout!)

I enjoy email so much because… by showing up every day… I’m building strong relationships with my subscribers.

And I love lending a hand to people, just like you, who want to build their own email list… with the potential for it to be one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever own!

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Lisa Best

Direct Response Copywriter

I’ve been impressed with Chris from the beginning. From his newsletter to his business. He’s quite an inspiration to me.

Steven Dorsey

Direct Response Copywriter

I enjoy getting your emails. They’re the first thing I see in my inbox when I get up in the mornings. I read yours and Ben Settle’s and they keep me going.

Barbara Jolly

Strategic Marketing Consultant

I’m always happy after reading your emails. I love your positive attitude and great input on the life of freelance writers.

Helping freelancers and solopreneurs build thriving email lists.

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Jennifer Ayling

Website Copywriter

If you haven’t signed up for Chris’s newsletter, you’re missing out. He’s a very talented writer & storyteller so you could learn a lot.

Kathy Pinnell

SEO Specialist

I subscribed to your newsletter and I really enjoy it. It’s humorous but informative, very engaging! I look forward to it every day.

John Meyer


Your advice has been great so far. So I’m sticking with a winner!